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Bobby Stocks and Rob Sekel here.

Bobby Stocks and Rob Sekal

I get it.

There’s two main objections every single person has before investing (either money OR time) into something.

  • Will this work for me?
  • Are these guys legit?

Let’s handle the first one.

If you’re a freelancer, solopreneur or agency owner... we can help you.

How do we know?

Because after taking over 100 Agency Clients & Freelancers to 6 figures a year… (5 of which have gone on to do 7 figures)...

We’ve realized everyone typically comes up against the same 3 bottlenecks.

Each bottleneck has a specific way to be destroyed, and after doing it over a hundred times for each of our students, we know exactly how to do it in as little time as possible.

It sounds simple, but the results are mindblowing.

Cody Baker went from $0-$20K in 45 days in his agency… after months ( possibly years) of suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome.

Blake Snodgrass was so determined to launch a digital marketing agency he threw $25K at courses and coaching to realize his dream. Which only left him lighter in the wallet and no closer to his goals. After working with us he now considers $20,000 a bad month.

Plus, if you don’t have any experience… we can help you avoid hitting ANY bottlenecks.

Like Christian Pena, came to us when he was only 19. He didn’t even know what a landing page was.

Within 16 months he hit 6-figures.

So if it’s worked for other people… why wouldn’t it work for you?

1) You provide crappy results You don’t care about client results.

If you want to succeed in a service-based industry, you have to be focused on getting the best results possible.

The reason I crossed out “You provide crappy results” is the fact we can show you how to get your clients amazing results. We have marketing systems in place that could flood any client, in any niche with leads and sales. So don’t worry if you’re struggling to get clients results now, that’s not a reflection on you… just the system you’ve been taught.

2) You want 6-figures NOW!

We have a reputation of getting our students huge results in a very short period of time ($20K in 2 months is fairly normal for our students). But, that didn’t happen overnight, they relentlessly executed on what we told them for the 59 days leading up to that 2 month mark.

Which can be very hard to do when you expect to see results immediately.

3) You think you have it all figured out.

Look, we get it. Egos run high in business. But, if you’re not hitting at least $50K per month in your agency or freelancing hustle…

You’ve got a problem, and we have the solution. In which case, it’s time for you to listen.

We’ve had students come in who thought they knew better, went off in a million different directions and got nowhere. Once they were ready to hear what we had to say, their businesses took off.

Think you can handle those terms? Cool.

So who are we to be talkin’ this kinda game? Well apart from the results we’re getting for our students.

We run our own agency servicing clients just like you.

That’s right.

We’re not some fly-by-night online ‘entrepreneurs’ who decided to throw up a “how to start a marketing agency” site to see if we could milk it.

We’re in the trenches along side you.

Even more than that…

A few years ago I was stuck, hustling, making only $7-$10K per month.

It wasn’t until I found and destroyed my own bottleneck that I launched up to $30K the very next month.

So I know exactly what it feels like to be stuck, working so many hours that burnout is constantly looming around the corner.

And honestly, I don’t know any agency owners who are teaching other agency owners to grow their businesses.

The story of all our competitors goes…

  1. Start an agency.
  2. Stumble upon something that gets them quick results.
  3. Shut down agency and start teaching other agency owners.

That was all well and good when they first started teaching the strategies...

But, the industry has change. Hell, what worked just a few months ago isn’t even working anymore.

Plus, we’re throwing 6-figures per month at paid traffic. So as soon as something has stopped working as well as it used to, we know, and we immediately share it with our students.

We know what’s going on, and we know we can get you results (provided you didn’t bomb the 3-part criteria above).

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