Attn: Freelancers and Agency Owners…

“We’ll Personally Show You How to Add an Extra $100,000 to Your Business in the Next 12 months…”


We’ll unleash our team of marketers to flood you with so many leads it’ll be impossible NOT to succeed.


It’s Bobby Stocks.

And you just read the ballsiest, boldest, and most brash guarantee found anywhere in the freelancing/agency coaching space.

(Trust me… I researched all of our competitors to make sure).

So, let me elaborate on this offer…

If you have an agency, or freelancing business and you’re making at least $5K per month…

…we’ll GUARANTEE you an extra $100,000 to your bottomline in just 12 months.

If we fail to make it happen…

…my team of marketers and I will PERSONALLY take over the marketing for you.

(And these are not just any marketers – they’re responsible for the $8 million I made just last year).

To create cash-generating campaigns in your business that will add 6-figures in no time.

Simple as that.

How am I so confident? Well…

As you can see, we don’t only create 6-figure businesses. 7-8 figures is possible once you understand the core philosophy in business. What we call The Framework.

The missing key that so many struggling Freelancers and Agency Owners have missed.

Foundational knowledge that makes the strategies, tactics and systems everyone else is teaching…

… actually work.

But, I’ll tell you more about it later.

At this point your B.S. detector is going off the charts based on the guarantee we’re making.

“How is this possible?? What’s the catch??”

There’s two:

  1. You have to qualify: We’re not quite magic makers. There’s some people who don’t have the right criteria for us to blow up their business.
  2. Honestly, we’re beasts at marketing, and specialize in getting Freelancers/Agency Owners results. So if we decide we can help you… we’re going to put your business on steroids. 

But what I love most about this offer?

The fact that I can tell you what you NEED to hear… not what you WANT to hear.

Because in the end, you have to sell me on why you think you’re a good fit, and why you should qualify for this guarantee.

So expect to hear the truth… and nothing but.

One last thing before we dig in…

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why one person can use a prospecting strategy like cold email and generate hundreds of leads per month… While another using the exact same strategy only gets a couple of replies?
  • Why one person can use a sales script and close 50-90% of all their leads… While another can be given the exact same script, and barely close 10%?
  • Why one person can skyrocket their business to 6-figures in under 6 months… While someone who’s more talented, and gets their clients a better result can barely put food on the table?

I’m about to show you exactly why…

Most people who struggle are largely focusing on the wrong solutions.

They think their problem is X… when really it’s Y.

Of course, we’re all adults here and understand that…


In no way am I saying you’re going to get the exact results seen in this letter from myself or our students.

I don’t know anything about…

  • You
  • Your Business
  • Work Ethic
  • Time Commitments
  • etc.

Everything you’re about to see is for educational purposes only.

Alright, we’re only 500-some-words in and I’ve already made some huge claims.

Let me backup who I am.

Who is Bobby Stocks?

I’ve generated over 100,000 leads online in the last 4 years.

Created tens of millions of dollars in sales for my clients.

Have coached over 1,000 other Business Owners how to generate leads exactly like us.

Spotlighted on TV shows (Good Morning LALA land), Podcasts, ClickFunnels Radio and dozens of business magazines.

And currently operating an $8 million dollar marketing agency with over 2 dozen staff.

But, as you may have guessed…

It wasn’t always this way.

I was stuck in the Freelancer Hustle for years. Never breaking through the $5-7K per month mark.

Maybe this sounds familiar…

I’d hustle to get a couple clients.

Hustle to get the work done to fulfill and deliver by the deadlines.

A few months later I’d lose a client, and have to go back into hustle mode trying to find another client.

Which SUCKED… I realized I was a glorified employee with a couple of bosses and no foreseeable way to actually scale.

And while I could generate all the qualified prospects I needed with my advertising skills (I was running a Facebook Ad Agency).


I’d sit there looking at 16, red-hot prospects sitting in my calendar… who all came to me.

(An Agency Owner/Freelancer’s wet dream).

But, I was stressing, because I knew there was a good chance I wouldn’t close a single one of them due to my crappy sales skills.

How did I solve it?

By learning The Framework behind business.

Once I understood it, I jumped from that $5K trap… to $30K in just 3 weeks.

Now few people know this.

But, who showed me The Framework and is largely responsible for my path to 8-figure Agency Owner is my business partner…

Rob Sekel

Rob is known as the Silent G.O.A.T. to our business partners, students and clients.

He has an uncanny ability to immediately dig to the root of the problem…

To get you thinking on a completely different level. To the point where you realize, you only THOUGHT your problem was X.

When really it was Y.

To summarize what one of our students, Cody Baker said about Rob…

Once you understand The Framework Rob teaches…

It’s not about regurgitating tactics or strategies anymore.

You operate at a level where business becomes a game. Allowing you to become creative in how your entire business functions.

Eventually developing your own tactics and strategies to dominate.

(This understanding allowed Cody to go from $0-$18K in just 60 days. More on how he did it later).

But, you’re probably thinking…

“I’ve Been Through <INSERT GURU’S NAME> And I Didn’t See Results… Why is THIS Going to Be Different?”

You’re right.

Everyone online is talking a big game.

Here’s why we’re different (on top of the ridiculous generous guarantee that nobody in the market has the cajonas to make).

We’ve had countless students come to us who have been through THEE top coaching and mentoring programs on the market.

  • Traffic & Funnels
  • FATC
  • Break Free Academy
  • Clients on Demand
  • FAFE

You name it…

And in most cases they either didn’t see results.

Or the type of results weren’t close to what were promised.

Here’s the problem…

By simply handing someone a strategy or tactic when they’re struggling to get results in their business…

Is like putting a band-aid on a severed artery.

It’s not addressing the actual problem.

That’s why when people learn The Framework, they begin seeing 5 figure months within the first 30-60 days.

Even though they had spent years, spinning their wheels, jumping from course to course.

And while we’ve heard a lot of our competitors courses are just chalked full of…

  • Automation tricks
  • One-size fits all lead-gen methods
  • Basic tactics and strategies

Our wounded, and jaded students would have still seen much better results had they known The Framework prior to buying these courses.

By the way, I’m talking about The Framework like it’s magic. It’s not.

It’s understanding the core foundations to amplify the results of all the strategies and tactics in the marketplace.

Don’t get me wrong…

We have all the strategies and tactics required to blow up your business.

It’s a result of being in the trenches with our own agency, and helping over 100 Agency Clients & Freelancers make 6 figures a year… (5 of which have gone on to do 7 figures).

So, could we flood you with leads using…

  • Facebook Ads
  • Adwords/Youtube Ads
  • LinkedIn Prospecting
  • Cold Emails
  • Automate the entire thing so it generates leads on autopilot…


We just had a student who onboarded 5 new clients last week with our strategies.

But, if we handed him those strategies without teaching him The Framework first he wouldn’t get nearly the same type of results.

And we strongly believe based on our personal experience of dealing with hundreds of Freelancers and Agency Owners…

It’s this core, foundational understanding that people are missing.

Ever sit there looking around your industry and think…

“How did THAT guy build a 7-figure agency in 6 months?! He doesn’t know half of what I know… But I’m still sitting here struggling…”

You probably start to doubt yourself a little when you see it.

Start to wonder if you’re ever destined for that type of greatness.

Maybe they have a natural talent or ability that you’re lacking.

But, the truth is…

Too much knowledge can be a burden.

If knowledge = money… the internet marketing space would be home to the wealthiest group of individuals on the planet.

Yet, despite all the flexing online… the success rate is probably in the single digits.

Which begs the real core question behind everything…

WHY… if you can Google the answer to every problem.

Are more than 90% of people failing to realize their goals??

I’ll answer that shortly.

But just know, your accumulation of knowledge wasn’t a waste.

Once you understand The Framework, It will be like opening the floodgates.

That’s how I was able to go from $5K → $30K in just 3 weeks.

I had all of this pent up knowledge that was hitting a major block. I couldn’t see the block. So I didn’t know how to solve it.

And that’s the real reason I wasn’t succeeding.

Check out Thomas Owen…

He had Struggled to Launch His Agency for 4 years, 3 months and 21 days…

Thomas was desperate to quit his job and run his agency full-time.

He had tried implementing all the systems, strategies and tactics he acquired over the years.

But nothing seemed to work.

Did the strategies he was using work? Of course.

If a strategy works for someone else in your industry targeting the same market… there’s no reason to say it doesn’t work.

He was simply missing The Framework that formed the foundation of these strategies.

But, once we gave it to him…

It was like a lightbulb moment went off.

After struggling to get results for over 4 years…

He was able to turn around and land 3 new clients in his FIRST 3 days.

In the next 8 weeks, 10 more clients.

That’s the power of what we teach.

Let’s get a little controversial here…

Running A Successful Freelancing/Agency Has NOTHING To Do With Providing the Best Service

Before you lose it…

I’m not saying you should be selling a crappy service. In fact, if you’re not obsessing about your clients results…

Exit out of this page. Cause you’ll never make it. And we’d never work with you.

If you can’t get results, you can’t retain clients… and that means your business is dead in the water.

But, I can guarantee you, the people you see at the top. Who appear to be the best…

  • Media buyers
  • Copywriters
  • SEOs

(Or whatever niche you operate in…)

Are not the best.

The best are typically people you’ve never heard of. Who are obsessive about their craft, and have no idea how (or sometimes no desire) to get to the top.

So, why are people who are offering inferior services… dominating?

One word: Marketing.

And marketing (despite what most would lead you to believe)…

Is not rocket science.

It’s about executing relentlessly on the same message… everyday.

And putting it out into the World through ads, cold email, LinkedIn etc.

How do you find that message?

By getting clear on who YOU are.

Here’s exactly how to develop your own message that attracts your ideal avatar.

Draw a Venn Diagram:

Using the One Sentence Persuasion, and fill in the circle on the left answering the following questions about yourself…

  • Who are your enemies?
  • What are your fears? 
  • What are your failures? 
  • What are your goals?
  • What are your suspicions about the marketplace?

Then on the other side do the same for your ideal market.

Find where you both overlap. And THAT becomes the message you pound on relentlessly.

I mean relentlessly.

Most people are too timid in their marketing. Put yourself out there every single day.

And since you’re coming from a place that you resonate with. You’ll be excited to share your message.

(NOTE: This is how you get away from the sleazy marketing and sales tactics you probably feel weird using.)

This is what Chris Laub did.

Freelancer (AKA Glorified Employee) Gets His Life Back…

Chris had been a freelance copywriter for the past 6 years, and he was tired of slaving away… trading hours for dollars.

He was struggling to break free of the hustle.

Which was made even worse since he got into this game for the lifestyle.

While he was “living” the Digital Nomad life in Thailand, Bali, Brazil (and a handful of other places). He realized he wasn’t really travelling or getting to enjoy life.

He was simply “working somewhere warm”.

Even though he was an extremely talented copywriter, he couldn’t seem to stand apart from his less-talented competitors.

He needed to find his core message to put out there.

So we started grilling him on his stance in the market…

We found a common enemy I knew would immediately resonate with a section of the market.

See Chris had been working as a Copy Coach for Clients on Demand.

Eventually becoming frustrated because EVERYONE was being taught to build out a webinar funnel.

Despite the fact it wasn’t necessarily the right fit for their business.

Making the success rate for their students extremely low.

So I said, “that’s it… that’s your enemy the market will resonate with”.

He started implementing right away (another great trait of a winning student).

Out of nowhere, top players in their industries started supporting his message. It was a breath of fresh air for them to hear someone finally calling BS on the Webinar Funnel.

This killed 2 birds with 1 stone:

  1. He confirmed his market’s suspicions the Webinar Funnel WASN’T working as well as everyone claimed…
  2. He was throwing rocks at their enemies, (businesses who sell one-size-fits-all solutions).

Immediately creating a common bond with his market (the Ultimate goal and main driver of great marketing).

They started hiring him for work.

Within 3 days Chris landed his first monthly retainer client for $3,500.

By the end of his first month he made $5,000.

In his second month he made $10,000.

In his third month he made $20,000.

But, if you’re a one-man operation… you know that excitement of closing a new deal is quickly flushed away by the realization you’ve just sentenced yourself to dozens if not hundreds of hours, sitting in front of the computer crushing out work.

And that would’ve been Chris’s situation.

But again, we didn’t just hand him a lead gen strategy and say…

“Good Luck!”

We showed him how to structure himself so he could become more leveraged, while taking on more client work.

This allowed Chris to spend less time working – even though he had more clients and was making more than ever.

And allowed him to enjoy the freedom he was looking for 6 years ago when he started as a Freelance Copywriter.

Anyway, that’s another big reason we don’t stop at lead gen like most coaching and mentoring packages out there.

Most people couldn’t handle a flood of leads and new business right now… They’d be so swamped with work the only tan they’d get is from the blue-light coming off their computer monitor?

This is unfortunate to us… cause we’re so damn good at generating leads, we’d love to be able to just flood businesses with leads and that’s that.

But, the real solution to business isn’t marketing and sales.

The real solution isn’t sexy at all.

But it’s the key to…

Increasing Profits by up to 95%

Stats show it costs 5 times more to acquire a new client than to retain a current one.

And a 5% increase in client retention can increase profits by up to 95%.

That’s why marketing and sales can’t save a business. But retaining clients can.

This is what gets you OFF the income rollercoaster and on an upward trajectory.

Yet, I don’t see ANYBODY walking around saying, “I’ve had the same client for 8 months, and it’s awesome!”

Cause it’s not sexy. It doesn’t sell.

And I have a hunch it’s because a lot of people who are only teaching marketing tactics, are simply in the churn and burn model themselves.

As long as there’s more people coming IN then going OUT, they think the entire business is working perfectly.

Which is crazy. Because client retention isn’t hard.

Honestly, if your client knows…

  • You’ll do a good job: (don’t have to be the best in the market).
  • You’ll hit deadlines: (most people are flakes and never do this).
  • You aren’t a dick: (if someone can do the first two… they often start to get an ego).

You’ll be apart of an extremely small group of Freelancers and Agency Owners.

And your client would rather stick with who they know… than tempt going out and getting burned by an unknown service provider.

But if you want to make sure your client stays with you for years?

Get them as close to the sale as possible…

Client retention was Luke Shankula’s problem.

He had through Dan Henry’s course and others. Never really seeing much for results… said the strategies were too basic.  

Struggled for a couple years. Kept looking for the next course promising the solution.

When he came to us we looked at his business and understood his problem immediately. 

His retention rate was horrible. Which he thought was just a normal part of the game. 

We showed him how to drastically reduce his clients turnover rate. 

Fast forward to today, he’s gone from $2K → $80K in revenue in just 8 months. 

This was all possible because he built a foundation through retention.

How did he do it? By flipping your approach from “Getting the client leads”, to “Getting the client as close to the sale as possible”.

Essentially your goal is to get your relationship as close as possible to the point where you’re handing THEM money.

Cause if you’re handing them $10,000 worth of business per month… it’s a no-brainer for them to continue handing you $5,000/per month.

A business owner would be crazy to fire you if he’s getting that kind of ROI.

This is how to…

Finally Put An End To Roller-Coaster Income

Tyler Carlston would have the types of months that would make you drool with envy.

But, there was no consistency in his income.

Month 1: $20K
Month 2: $5K
Month 3: $15K
Month 4: $3K.

He was so gripped with fear and uncertainty, he couldn’t even enjoy his good months.

If you haven’t hit this level, it might be surprising to hear the Roller Coaster income is a very common problem for people at all levels.

(NOTE: You know those big testimonials you see on our competitor’s sites? Well often times, $8,333 month is re-worked to say they made 6-figures… when in reality they may be only did $50K and had a stand out month. Actually, we know one of our competitors did an $80K month ONCE, and then started teaching how to make $80K per month… but that’s another rant).


We got Tyler dialled in.

Now he’s on track to do $30K. And next month he’s got so much work lined up he’ll easily crack a $50K month.

He’s generating record setting months right out the gate.

But, maybe these numbers aren’t what you’re looking for.

Maybe you’ve got bigger dreams.

World domination type dreams.

I got you!

With The Framework It’s Up To You What Level You Scale To…

Frank Jiminez coaches insurance agency on generating leads. (A business model that can be implemented in any industry by the way…).

He started with 5 clients.

He came to us open-minded.

And executed relentlessly on what we taught him.

Within 12 months, he had grown his agency to 480 clients.

With each one of those clients paying him between $997 – $1997 to join his program.

PLUS, $97 – $197 a month in ongoing subscriptions fees.

Let’s throw some conservative numbers in the calculator here…

He has 480 clients. And charging $997-$1,997 as a one-time fee, which is an average of $1,497.

480 clients X $1,497 (average) = $718,560.

Those clients are then paying him an average of $147 in subscription fees…

480 clients X $147 (average) = $70,560 in monthly recurring revenue!

You’re probably thinking…

“480 Clients?! I start freaking out when I get more than 5.”

I used to feel the same way.

Not to beat a dead horse.

But it all comes down The Framework. When Frank had 5 clients… the last thing he would’ve ever thought possible was to handle an additional 475.

Guess what?

He’s currently bringing on MORE clients.

At an average rate of 25 new clients every single month.

But, still, you must still be thinking…

“Frank and all these people must be cut from a different cloth… I couldn’t possibly make that much”.

Kevin thought the same…

From Self-Proclaimed “Coward” Scraping by on $4K per month to Targeting $30 Million Dollars in Annual Revenue…

When Kevin came to us he was running an SEO and advertising company for Medical Waste Disposal companies.

Stuck at the $4K per month mark, he went through Break Free Academy hoping it may have been his answer.

But, it didn’t leave him any closer to where he wanted to be.

He was suffering from a deeper issue, that tactics weren’t going to solve.

In fact, if you listen to him, he constantly refers to himself as a coward (or, a recovering one now).

He was terrified to leave the safety net of his job. Terrified to pay our coaching fees, even though he had a stable job that could easily pay for it.

And struggled to take the actions to market himself effectively (he knew nothing about effective marketing).

Fast forward to today, he’s a completely different person.

Now on track to do $30,000,000 by the end of this year (Yeah, he’s actually on track to do MORE than we are… we have students who surpass the masters).

If you told him that a couple years ago, he would’ve told you he was the last person on earth who could pull in that kind of revenue.

And that’s a key element that a lot of programs are missing.

If you want to hit those big numbers… you have to become the person who hits those big numbers.

Before we go further…

It might sound like our program has a 100% success rate.

That’s not true.

No business, in any industry does. It doesn’t exist. Even the top restaurants have a bad review from someone who didn’t have a good meal.

Although I would put our percentage of students who actually hit 6 & 7 figures up against anyone of our competitors…

But there’s still people who struggle…

Just like anything though…

There’s One Thing Our Winners Have in Common.

The ability to take action.

That’s it. The Framework isn’t magic.

If we plopped it in your lap right now, you wouldn’t have a thriving business tomorrow.

Just as if we gave you the Keys to a Lambo… you wouldn’t get anything out of it if you left it in the driveway.

If you’re an action taker… you’re already itching to book this call.

Why wouldn’t you? The results are clear and it’s backed by my “Add $100,000 in 12 Months” guarantee.

So there’s zero risk.

Click here to book a call and see if you qualify.

Wall of Action Takers

Nato Guajardo is an action taker. He implemented we taught him and within 12 weeks he exploded his income by 500%. Writing $20,000 premiums to $100,000 premiums per month in his Insurance Agency.

Blake Snodgrass was running a campaign about lung cancer for one of his clients and the CPL was sitting around $60.
He applied one strategy we gave him and suddenly his lead cost plummeted to $3.50.

Cory Long is smashing it out of the park too for his mortgage broker client in Pittsburgh.

He’s getting them qualified leads for $1 each.

David Kauzlaric just landed a $7,500 consulting gig and he closed the guy over messenger.

Yes, messenger. He pulled in a $7,500 gig and never even spoke to the guy.

Evan Read has been beating his head up against a brick wall trying to get leads in for his holistic massage therapist client. The best he managed was $10 leads, and only 1or 2 a day.
He did some training of mine (which you’ll have access to as well in the course) and the moment he launched he put 5 new bookings into his calendar at only $2.11 each.
That’s almost 5 for the price of 1.

Nick Carpenter sent us a note not long ago where he told us how much he made in a single day.
He told us “4 years ago I was making $5k a month slaving at a corporate mortgage office. Yesterday’s collected cash would have taken 3 months”.
Do the numbers and it means he collected $15 grand in one day. So even if we charged him the full $10,000 he’d still be miles and miles in front just in this 24 hour period.

Click here to book a call and see if you qualify.

Experience Not Required…

First off, I went back and forth if I should include this story for TWO reasons.

  1. I don’t want to belittle your skill set by saying ANYBODY can start an agency. They can’t.
  2. I don’t want to attract people who have zero experience, thinking this is going to be a get rich quick scheme. It’s not.

But, it highlights an important point so I decided to include it…

Christian Pena was only 19 when he came to us… and he didn’t have an ounce of marketing knowledge.

As in… he didn’t even know what a landing page was.

So we had to build him from the ground up. Step-by-step.

Within 16 months we took this total newbie to 6 figures.

Now he’s living the beach life in Florida with his girlfriend.

I love this because it perfectly illustrates our point. He had the exact same tools that all those grizzled, jaded veterans had that had been trying to build a business for year…

He swoops in with no knowledge of any of that stuff, and has a 6-figure business in a year and a half.

All because he understood The Framework.

The truth is…

  • It doesn’t matter how old you are
  • how experienced you are
  • whether your business is full-time
  • part-time or you’re just starting out
  • it doesn’t matter where you livewhether you hate sales
  • or whether you’re even any good at running ads …

The fundamentals of business don’t care about any of it.

Just as it doesn’t matter the age, experience or talent of someone solving 1 + 1. As long as they know the fundamentals of math they know the answer is 2.

But, it doesn’t just work for total newbies…

Grizzled Veteran Spends $25K on Courses and Gets No Closer to His Goals…

Take Blake Snodgrass from Corpus Christi in Texas had thrown away a whopping $25,000 on courses to figure out how to scale his business. The best he’d done was a record month of $10,000.

After finding our system he considers $20,000 a bad month.

But again, The Framework isn’t magic.

One of our top students who understands the power of our methods possibly more than any of our other students…

Continued to struggle even AFTER joining our program.

The Framework Transformed this Shiny Object Syndrome “Wantrepreneur” into Focused Business Owner.

This is Cody Baker, who is now one of our top students.

But, before that. He was the typical Shiny Object Syndrome “Wantrepreneur”. And honestly…

He suffered from SOS even AFTER he joined our program. It seemed like every week he was off trying to build a new type of business.

Not judging… we’ve ALL been there.

But then, all of a sudden it clicked… And while him skyrocketing from $0-18K in just his second month is impressive.

I love what he said even more…

“It took me from trying to piece together and make some money. To orchestrating a whole entire plan based on frameworks to get me to a bigger picture. Because now the agency is just a stepping stone.

Within the first 45 days, y’all completely changed how I thought about my agency. Went from $0-$20 K in 2 months.

I remember this word for word, one time I talked to you back then, ‘it’s just a framework, if I can teach you The Framework, you’ll take it and run with it and build stuff I can’t even tell you.’ 

That’s exactly what happened. Now that I understand The Framework for business. And the different ways you can structure a business. 

Now it’s just about getting creative. It allows your mind to kind of just open up and get super creative with whatever you have going on and how you can maximize those things.”

Once he understood what we’re teaching he took off.

And what’s even cooler…

He’s learned to turn his SOS into an asset. By understanding The Framework he’s been able to strategically piece together different businesses that are now generating roughly $50K per month.

So What Does This Coaching Consist Of?

Look… we’re not going to just teach you The Framework and then call it quits.

The Framework is simply the foundational element that nobody seems to be teaching. And it’s the backbone of making everything else work.

But our program is packed full of all the tactics and strategies to fill up on until your heart’s content.

A sneak peak at what’s inside…

  • Facebook Ads: we’ve been dominating with Facebook ads since 2015… through every major change that has people running for the hills. And while things aren’t getting any easier, we’re constantly reporting what’s working NOW with our monthly 6-figure ad campaigns so you’re always one step ahead of the market.
  • Prospecting: Some people love, some people hate it. But outbound prospecting is the fastest, most effective way to get high-quality clients for your business. The good news is… with the tactics and strategies we use, you never have to feel sleazy or slimey. Even better… NOBODY else is doing it this way.
  • Beast Mode: It’s not sexy, but business is 90% mindset, and Rob is a beast at digging deep, and helping you find that inner Warrior inside of you to go out and crush.
  • Become the Guru: Sad to say… it’s not the best service provider that wins, it’s the best marketer. The one who positions themselves as the top dog… which is unfortunate. So we show you how to take your top-level services, and position them in a way that makes you the no-brainer for your prospects… saving them from the scammers and fly-by-nighters who only care about filling their own pockets.
  • Hiring and Scaling: Ever tried hiring people who end up flaking, and turning in horrible work? We’ll show you the secret strategy to getting top performers to work for you and buy into YOUR vision… even if you’re in start up mode.
  • Plus, Weekly Accountability Calls so you stay on track, setting goals and actually following through to crush them, moving closer to the dream business and lifestyle you never thought possible.

And look…

This Ain’t No Cookie-Cutter Solution…

Honestly, we’re so hands on we don’t really know how to scale this thing.

There’s only two of us.

But we don’t know any other way to get the kind of results our students get… without being hands on.

So, when you first join you’re going to get a 1-on-1 call with Rob or myself (or both of us if you’re lucky)…

Where we’ll dissect your business on the spot… find out where you’re wasting your time on non-revenue generating activities, bottlenecks and where you should double down to get immediate growth.

We’ll slap it back together with a new vision you can go out with and start executing immediately.

But here’s where we heavily differ from the competition…

We continue to give you support. As in Rob and I are fully involved in your journey to the top.

Our teaching philosophy is a “Just in Time” model, opposed to a “Just in Case” model.

Here’s how it works…

Since we’re constantly assessing where you are in your journey, we know exactly what tools, resources, systems and strategies to give you so you can immediately implement and know exactly what steps to take next.

This requires personalized attention.

So instead of saying, “You have to build a webinar funnel”.

We step back and ask, “What is the fastest, most effective way to get your desired result?”

Long story short…

This is an extremely difficult thing to scale. But, we’re not doing the churn and burn like so many of our competitors.

So this is the type of attention we have to put in.

It doesn’t stop there, though…

Join a Group of Badasses

You know the old saying. You’re a product of your environment.

This has been backed up by countless studies.

You’re more likely…

  • To smoke if you’re around smokers.
  • To be overweight if you’re around other overweight people.
  • To be successful if you’re around successful people.

It’s nearly impossible to get into the space required to crush out 6 & 7 figures if you’re around soul sucking vampires.

The constant negativity and nay-sayers will keep you grounded and struggling for life if you let them.

“But Bobby… everyone has a Facebook group!”

Definitely. Though, we’ve heard that some of our competitors groups are toxic. Cultified to only celebrate the winners. Putting a space between the winners and those still struggling to get their footing.

Our group isn’t that.

Not only is everyone encouraging each other.

You’re sitting there watching the people go out there and kill it every single day.

Locking down more deals in a week than you thought was possible in a year. It shifts your entire paradigm.

Honestly, some of our members say the most value they get is just being in the group, and the connections they’ve created with other members.

Because we’re family. And that’s the environment we cultivate.


You Have 3 Choices…

  1. You can do nothing. Continue trying to piecemeal strategies together to make something work to finally realize your goals.
  2. Go to one of our competitors. It might workout for you. I don’t know. All I can say is we’ve got a track record of taking on people who failed with their courses, and turning them around into massive successes in under a year.
  3. Book a call and see if you qualify for my ridiculous offer, where we’ll pump an additional 6-figures into your Agency/Freelancing in the next 12 months… or myself and team of media buyers and copywriting pro’s will personally handle your marketing for you until you do.

From a business standpoint you have nothing to lose.

This is the sort of offer that when you slap it in front of a business owner in the real world they trip over themselves trying to sign on.

Because offers like this don’t exist anywhere.


Most are too scared to ever do this. They just want your money without the risk for themselves.

Nor do they have the experience, knowledge and talent to be this confident in their ability to produce results.

Book a call and let’s do this.

Click here to book a call and see if you qualify.

Not a Magic Pill…

Let me be clear to save us both some time…

Don’t come into this expecting a magic pill solution.

Honestly, we show this to some people, and they don’t even get it right away.

As Rob says, “People have to be ready to see The Framework in order for it to truly work”.

I know that’s a little Mr. Miyagi-ish. But it’s true.

If this is put into the hands of someone who still thinks their problem is what to say in a cold email, or what headline to use for a lead gen campaign.

They’ll most likely fail to see the power of The Framework. And struggle to properly implement ANY strategy, until they realize the real source of their problems.

Which is why if I just gave you The Framework in this letter, you’d most likely do nothing with it.

Like telling you to put a computer desk together from IKEA without instructions, tools or even telling you what it is.

It’d be impossible.


This isn’t optional.

You’re not going to hustle your way out of these problems.

I’m making a pretty ridiculous guarantee here, I know exactly what it takes to hit the income numbers freelancers and agency owners dream about.

And they ain’t gonna get there with the latest hack, or funnel.

Click here to book a call and see if you qualify.

Let’s Get It!

Bobby Stocks

P.S. We only allow 5 new students in each week to give each person the attention they require to achieve success. If you put this off, you may come back and find this offer closed entirely… or at the very least end up at the bottom of a long waiting list. I suggest you book your call to tentatively secure your spot.


Is this just a sales call?


Except you’re selling us on why we should accept you.

But, don’t let that freak you out. Just come to the call being open and honest about where you’re at in your business.

If this doesn’t end up being the right fit for your business at this time, I’ve got other resources that will help you get to where you want extremely quickly.

Do you guys actually run an agency, or do you make your money showing people how to become agency owners?

Yeah, we’ve been running an agency for the past 4 years, and have served 100’s of brick and mortar clients, generating over 10,000 leads for them to date.

And we still run it today. So when we teach you strategies and tactics. They’re based on things that are working in our own agency TODAY…

Not theoretical advice that was regurgitated from a year ago.

As one of our students said…

“The digital world is weird. Anybody can claim anything and the only way you know someone’s lying for sure is to buy whatever they’re selling and then get buyer’s remorse. These guys are the opposite. Everyone’s in the business of making money (including them), but they won’t do it at your expense. These guys have a passion for other people succeeding, and you’d be doing a disservice to yourself and your business to not give’em a shot.”

Is this only for Agency Owners?

No. If you’ve got a business where you service clients we can help you.

Again, The Framework is a fundamental business principle in a World where everyone is teaching typical IM crap.

As another student said…

“Yes AAH is the real deal when it comes to marketing. In a world of scammy internet marketing it took me 3 years just to find out who to pay that can teach me to grow. Ad Agency Hustle was it.”

Are you actually involved in our training, or are you going to pawn us off on your coaches?

We are so involved in this program that we don’t even know how scale the damn thing!

As funny as that is. We really don’t know how to.

The only way we’ve been able to ensure people get the best results possible is by being extremely involved.

As another student said…

“That the course organizers including Rob really care about the program and it’s members. I’ve bought other courses and groups which are essentially abandoned by their founders. This is one of two that the founders continue to develop and nurture the materials and groups.”

Do you guys teach strategies and tactics?

Of course. We do weekly calls with our students where I’m telling them little tactics, like how to get booked calls for as little as $20 each on Facebook with what I call “creeper campaigns”.

It’s just not the core of our teaching. Because in reality, you need to understand The Framework for any lead gen strategy to work.

Actually, I bet once you fully understand The Framework, you could go BACK to the old coaching programs you got zero results with… and start generating real results with them almost immediately.

I think I’ve got mindset issues… do you guys help with that?

While I’m a mindset junkie. This is Rob’s department.

I don’t want to overstate this, but he will literally re-program you through mind-bending questions where…

You don’t even realize he’s doing it.

But, 2 weeks later you wake up with a completely different view of your life and business. This is why people refer to him as the Silent G.O.A.T.

You have no clue the magic he’s working until it seems to be “downloaded” into you.

I could flood this page just with testimonials from people who loved the calls with Rob alone. Here’s one…

“I loved the 1 on 1 sessions with Rob they truly changed myself and my business.”

I don’t want to hire a team. Will this still work for me?

Of course. We’re not pigeon-holing you into a business that suits our vision. This is about giving you the tools to build the business and vision YOU want.

If you want to…

Hire 20 people? Cool.

Hire 3 people? Cool.

Hire nobody? Alright… we don’t recommend this. Even hiring a part-time VA for $125 a month to clear the monotonous, time sucking tasks off your plate is a wise idea.


That’s pretty much it for me.

If you’re interested in seeing if you qualify, click the button below for the last step in the qualification process.

Click here to book a call and see if you qualify.

Now let me ask you a quick question…

You’ve read (or skimmed) through this entire letter.

You’ve definitely seen the massive, no-risk guarantee I’m offering.

You’ve seen all of the case studies.

You’ve seen what this program offers and what makes it unique.

And how so many people like yourself have used it to skyrocket themselves to success…

What’s stopping you from booking a call? I’m legitimately curious. I don’t want an unanswered question on your side preventing you from booking a call.

So shoot me an email at and let me know.